Preventing Problem Gambling


Problem gambling is a public health problem. Like substance abuse, gambling is a form of self-soothing. Sadly, too many people are turning to gambling as a way to make money or relieve stress. But there are many things parents can do to help prevent the onset of problem gambling. In addition to avoiding casinos and online gambling sites, parents can encourage children to engage in activities that are not harmful to their mental health or well-being.

Problem gambling is a public health issue

The prevalence of problem gambling varies by country, but overall rates are low. According to a systematic review published in 2016, problem gambling rates ranged from 0 to 5 percent. Problem gambling is a serious social and health concern in many countries, including the United States and Hong Kong. However, data for China are not readily available. However, the prevalence of problem gambling in Estonia, Hong Kong, and South Africa were high.

It is similar to substance abuse

There are many similarities between substance abuse and gambling addiction. Both are addictive behaviors in which the person is unable to stop using the substance, despite its harmful effects. Gambling has one level of problem severity, whereas substance abuse has two. This means that a person may be addicted to one or both of the two, but not both. In other words, a person suffering from gambling addiction has a higher risk of attempting suicide.

It is a way to self-soothe

Many people who gamble are suffering from unpleasant emotions and use gambling as a means of self-soothing. Gambling allows people to escape from everyday life and helps them relax, socialize, and release stress. Depending on the situation, gambling may be a good way to de-stress or relieve boredom. However, it should not be used as a primary source of stress relief or a way to deal with unpleasant emotions.

It is a way to earn money

Online casinos and sports betting are two popular forms of gambling. Each year, millions of people wager money on the outcomes of sporting events and other events. But what exactly is gambling? There are several important differences between betting and gambling, and the difference is not always easy to discern. In today’s world, gambling involves a combination of casino and betting shop activities, as well as various lotteries. This makes the gambling industry an exciting niche, with lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs.